The Final Walk-Through: More Important Than You Think

The Final Walk-Through: More Important Than You Think

Why Walk-Through?

Congratulations! You are less than a week from closing on your new home. You’ve been thinking of paint chips and dreaming of new furniture, but there’s still one last important thing before you sign the papers: the final walk-through.

The final walk-through is your last opportunity to ensure that the house you are buying complies with the terms listed in your contract. If there is damage from movers or if someone left a faucet running and caused mold, you can know and have it fixed before you are legally and financially responsible. A thorough walk-through can save you a lot of money and heartache. Here’s a checklist of items you should check on before you tell the previous owners au revoir.

What Should You Do Before You Go?

  • Call your real estate agent to schedule a time and to check the utilities are connected.
  • Bring a camera, pen, and paper to document issues.
  • Plan to be in the house for several hours.

What Should You Check throughout the House?

  • Turn on every light and ceiling fan.
  • Check the walls, floors, and ceilings for damage or discoloration (especially ceilings beneath bathrooms).
  • Run all faucets and flush every toilet. Pay special attention to leaks, mold, or slow draining.
  • Are all the smoke detectors still there?

Are the Appliances in Good Condition?

  • Make sure all contracted appliances are there and in good condition.
  • Run the dishwasher and washer first thing, so you know they can complete a full cycle.
  • Turn the dryer on—does it get warm?
  • Are the refrigerator and freezer cold?
  • Run hot water through several faucets to check the water heater.
  • Does the A/C work? How about the heating? Turn them on and check.
  • Did the previous owners leave all appliance warranties, receipts, and manuals?

Is the Plumbing Working?

  • Turn on all the showers and tubs to make sure they drain quickly and all the overflows work.
  • If the tubs has jets—do they all work?
  • Get into the basement, crawlspaces, and garage and check for dampness, leaks, or mold.

How Do the Garage and Landscaping Look?

  • Try opening the garage door with both the remote and the wall button. Do they work?
  • Is the garage clear of pests, belongings, and trash?
  • Is the landscaping in mostly the same condition as it was when you negotiated the contract?

What about Windows, Doors, and Latches?

  • Check that every window opens, locks, and seals completely and is free of mold and condensation.
  • Are all the doors there? Do all the locks work? Do you have all the keys?
  • Do all the cabinets open and close as they should?

Finally, check the attic for pests and belongings.

What Should You Do If You Find Something Wrong?

If you find something wrong, take a picture, write it down and call your real estate agent. You can legally back out of the sale, but usually problems can be fixed before you move in. If you have any questions about doing a walk-through, gives us a call at 435-319-8160 and we’ll be sure to answer your questions.

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