Go Back in Time . . . Visit St. George’s Historic Buildings

Go Back in Time . . . Visit St. George’s Historic Buildings

Natives to Dixie know the rich history of St. George and surrounding cities in Washington County. But have you ever taken a stroll through one of the many historic buildings around town?

Going back in time is not only possible, it’s easy. Whether you’re interested in taking a couple of hours for a walking tour around St. George’s historic center or making a day of it and seeing a few ghost towns in the vicinity, there’s always plenty to see and enjoy—right in your own neighborhood!

More than Meets the Eye

It’s an irony that most St. George residents may not pay attention to what’s right in front of them. Sure, historic landmarks like the St. George Temple or the nearby tabernacle are sites everyone’s probably seen and visited. Ditto for Brigham Young’s summer home or the Jacob Hamblin home.

All these are must-see buildings, of course. But if you haven’t taken the time to see other historic homes and buildings in town or nearby areas, you’re missing out on a treat. There may be more than meets the eye, so take a tour inside.  Here are 8 spots (plus!) that may intrigue you:


  1. Gardener’s Club Hall. You can almost picture the area gardening enthusiasts meeting in this spot, one of the oldest public buildings still in use in St. George.
  2. The Old Jail. You’ll get a sense for how life was for area miscreants when you stop by this small (one room!) jail made from black lava rock. Finished in 1880, it still has iron bars on the windows.
  3. Wooley-Foster Home. Although today it’s a bed and breakfast inn known as ‘The Seven Wives Inn,’ back in the 1870s, the attic may have harbored fugitive polygamists.
  4. Electric Theater. Cast your eye over this historic theater, still in use today, and marvel over its 3- foot thick adobe walls. The theater also boasts the honor of being the very first air-conditioned building in St. George.
  5. The Old Courthouse. Speaking of thicknesses, the doors in this building are 18 inches thick! At one point, the jail was in the basement. Take a tour through another beautiful structure still in use.
  6. Ancestor Square. If you want to enjoy historic architecture and shop or dine in the same location, you won’t tire of the quaint offerings at Ancestor Square.
  7. George and Bertha Graff House. This home can be found in nearby Santa Clara. While you’re in the area, you can also check out the Hans George Hafen house. Both are on Santa Clara Avenue.
  8. Grafton Ghost Town. Take a little journey near Rockville and Zion’s National Park to see a real ghost town. Or drive just north of Leeds to see Silver Reef Ghost Town. Will you see any ghosts?

Maybe your own home is part of the historic tradition. Enjoying the best of the past is a great way to appreciate your own heritage. Ask your realtor for more information on what St. George offers you!

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