Selling in St. George, UT? How to Improve Your Home’s Value on a Budget

Selling in St. George, UT? How to Improve Your Home’s Value on a Budget

St. George is a hot spot right now—and not just because of the red rocks and steamy weather. The real estate market in St. George is constantly growing, with homes in this gorgeous Southern Utah area always in demand.


If you’re a St. George resident looking to increase your home’s resale value, there are several easy steps you can take to make sure that when your home sells, it sells for more. By following these five steps, you invest a small amount of money to reap much bigger dividends in the future.


1. Cozy Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the home’s heart and soul. It’s where the family gathers to cook, eat, and chat, and it’s generally associated with the best of home comforts. To sell your home at a better price, try replacing the kitchen faucet and sink to make your kitchen sleek and clean. You can also replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones that cast a brighter glow to make your kitchen feel much cozier, or add a new coat of paint to your cabinets to tie the room together.


2. Spruce Up the Bathroom

Bathrooms are another big home selling point. Fortunately, changes to bathrooms are relatively affordable—buying a new toilet seat or refurbishing the sink can go a long way towards making your bathroom look cleaner and more inviting. If your bathroom tile is a little worn down, re-grouting is a great idea, as is installing easy vinyl floor tiles that clean your bathroom up immensely.


3. Clean Your Carpet

When your carpets look dirty, your whole home feels drab. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner usually isn’t expensive and can do a lot to improve your home’s value. Don’t feel pressured to replace all the carpeting in your home—many homebuyers prefer to choose new carpet for their home themselves. Instead, cover worn-out carpet with affordable area rugs to make any area cleaner and brighter.


4. Deal With the Door

Do you have a flimsy knocker? An outdated lock? A handle that lacks security? Most homebuyers are looking for a place where they feel safe, so updating your door handle and lock at an inexpensive cost can go a long way towards assuaging their worries. It might also be worth it to repaint your door—a splash of color makes your house’s exterior very appealing to potential buyers.


5. Boost Your Curb Appeal

How your home looks from the outside is crucial in determining what feel potential buyers take away from the viewing experience. Trim your trees and shrubs, mow the lawn, and do what you can to fix up the house’s exterior—repaint shutters or doors, clean out gutters, and tidy up the dirt and sand for a cleaner desert look. Making a good first impression is critical, so make sure the outside of your house is as aesthetically pleasing as it can be.


When you’re looking to sell your house, these easy tips can help improve your home’s resale value. Contact Saint George Real Estate to learn more about placing your house on the market and scheduling a showing.

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